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All About Automatic Gate Openers

Many times automatic gate openers will be purchased and installed by an individual, not by a company who specializes in gate opening equipment. There are several things that must be looked at when choosing the right gate opener for a particular gate. If you buy an automated gate opener from a company that sells other types of gate equipment, make sure that they are also familiar with the different kinds of gates that are available for sale, and can assist you in making your purchase. Also, some companies may offer installation services.

Many modern swing gates are made for both dual and single gates of varying lengths. Before purchasing a specific gate opener, make certain that you measure both the inner and outer dimensions of the dual leaf gate. When comparing different brands of automatic gate openers it is important to note that some brands are more adept at opening and closing large fences while others are better suited to smaller gates. Some manufacturers specialize in automatic gate openers for gates with just one side having an opening, while others are better able to work with gates with more than one side. If you have an especially tall fence or gate, make sure that you take this into account when shopping for a gate opener so that you get one that can handle the strain.

There are several different ways to open and close fences with automatic gate openers. Some of these include a sensor that is mounted on the gate itself, a radio transmitter that sends out an activation signal via a receiver, a wireless remote that is held within in the owner’s car or at least within easy reach when driving, and even smart devices such as touch screens that use either a built-in receiver or an external bluetooth transmitter to do the job. Another way to automate the gate is through a smart device that is either placed on the gate itself, or on a remote that is carried by the owner. These devices can either perform manual functions, such as lifting and lowering gates, or act as remote controls for other electronic equipment within the home. No matter which type of mechanism is used, it’s important that all safety precautions are taken so that your property and those of others are not harmed by the mechanism itself.